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The Three Braenes
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We are the three Braene sisters -- Beatrix, Bridget, and Brenda.
You'll learn about us and our writing on the upcoming pages.
Welcome to the site.
Come back and visit often!

We're all quite different.

This was Bridget's idea, I might add (says Beatrix).  I am somewhat of a Neo-Luddite and not crazy about the idea of a web presence.

But it gives us a chance to share poetry, writing, a link to Bridget's blog, and, if Beatrix ever gets brave enough to post any of her wonderfully spooky stories . . .

Enjoy.  And please visit often!

What's New?
Brenda started her very first blog!  We don't know how to add it to the Navigation bar, so we'll put the link here and on her page.
It's called "Poet Meets Muse" and the link is
And now, we convinced Beatrix to create a blog, too!
Her blog is called "Cliff Edge on a Stormy Night" and the link is:
Come visit us!
And don't forget Bridget's blog, Mooir Keyll at

We'll let you know here what's new and different in our worlds.

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Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.